Khuab Institute is a center of reference in internal medicine and oncology with a multidisciplinary team led by Dr.Vidal-Jové. We are experts in innovative treatments and procedures for comprehensive patient care. We listen, we treat, we are at your side, we commit ourselves. We generate changes.


Te escuchamos, tratamos y acompañamos


Comprehensive oncology, pioneers with 25 years of experience

We are medical specialists with extensive experience in the field of comprehensive oncology. We propose a thoroughly and exhaustive approach in which we place the focus on the person and his situation, either in an early or advanced phase of the health problem. We are experts in the incorporation of new technologies and useful and effective therapeutic options for the comprehensive treatment of cancer patients, from non-invasive surgery, intravenous treatments, oncological hyperthermia, immunomodulation, etc., to nutrition and modification of life habits, with the aim of improving the health and quality of life of our patients, improving at the same time their results and clinical outcome.


Innovative treatments, effective and with scientific evidence

We are pioneers in the personalized prescription of anti-tumor intravenous treatments, with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We use non-invasive surgical techniques (ablation of malignant tumors by Focused Ultrasound FUS-HIFU) in which we are world known reference experts in its application in oncology. We are an avant-garde center in thermal oncology, we have the first Celsius42 device in our country for the application of deep local hyperthermia. We make food a fundamental pillar and basic metabolic tool to generate changes in the evolution of the disease of our patients.


Comprehensive medicine, complex disease experts

We are a team of professionals with long clinical experience and extensive academic training, with an open vision and professional concern to advance medicine for the benefit of people towards a thoroughly approach. We use multiple therapeutic resources to generate changes, improve the quality of life of our patients and treat complex chronic diseases. We are experts in promoting health through metabolism changes, antiinflamatory treatments, detoxification and improving regeneration and optimal organ and cell functioning.

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We listen to you, we treat you and we are at your side


We are experts in understanding the patient globally, his/her illness, momentum and environment. We make a meticulous synthesis of the clinical process and the most appropriate therapeutical options in each situation and we are prepared to address any existing imbalances in any of the dimensions of the person.


Each person has peculiarities that make their disease-healing process unique and exclusive. At Institut Khuab we dedicate time and attention to explore each person’s needs in a particular moment, giving answers and solutions adapted and appropriate to each of them. We deal with the physical body, the psycho-emotional state and the essential interior.


We accompany our patients throughout the health – disease process, we understand their weaknesses, we are present at critical moments. We seek for answers, we commit to find where no one has searched before, we relate and integrate everything. We respect and work consensually with the patient and his/her healthcare professionals to determine the most appropriate options.


We are receptive, reliable and open. Our way of understanding the disease and the wide range of therapeutic options available, allow us to generate changes. Decisive changes in the evolution of the disease, in the clinical pathway of our patients, in their vital and essential evolution.