Enfermedades cardivasculares

Cardiovascular diseases prevention

Cardiovascular diseases are the biggest worldwide human killers accounting for more than 15 million deaths annually, being the Ischemic heart disease the first cause of death worldwide (9.2 millions deaths annually) followed by stroke (6.7 million deaths annually). Both are chronic health conditions that remain mostly assymptomathic during long periods of time ending with a really acute event like a heart attack or a stroke.

The pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease is in one hand the progressive rigidity of the arterial blood vessels due to tissue deterioration and dehydration, and on the other hand, inflammation and the loss of the normal structure of the intimal layer of the vessels which when lesioned starts a process of clotting and cholesterol trapping which accounts for the reduction de diameter of the blood vessel reducing the blood supply to the tissues ending with the ischemia ( “no blood supply at all to the cells”).
Though while it’s insidious progressions and establishment most patients are assymptomathic, mild symptoms start early, such as fatigue, breathlessness, chest pain on walking, calves pain, renal impairment, headaches… which most of the time require medical attention and pharmacological chronic treatments.

Those conditions CAN BE PREVENTED so that a good part of all the cardiovascular deaths in the world could be prevented with a quite easy, non invasive, gentle approach. What am I talking about? What can be done?

  1. Restoring vascular health through improvement of the tissues (connective tissue, endothelium tissue, blood vessels, muscular, digestive, immune…)
  2. Reduce systemic inflammation
  3. Reduce excessive intravascular clotting

And how do we do that?
Institut Khuab have an experienced team that can help you stop the progressive vascular destruction through a comprehensive multimodal approach that includes:

  1. Giving the necessary resources to your organism to function in an optimal way. That means oral supplementation of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other substances that the tissues need to repair their structures.
  2. Restoring the vascular endothelium and reducing the vascular rigidity through intravenous treatments such as chelation, vitamin c, gluthation…
  3. Implementing a healthy way of eating through an individualized nutritional program: defining the starting point with a body composition examination, counseling on a nutricional specific plant, controlling weight gain and loss, restoring the digestive system…
  4. Implementing a healthy way of life through appropriate physical activity schedule
  5. Normalizing the vascular blood flow to the tissues optimizing the microcirculation with BEMER device
  6. Counseling on living accordingly to one’s own needs and capacities and at its full human potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and essentially.
  7. Empowering the vital functions to restore and gain the optimal equilibrium through homeopathic constitucional treatment

We empower our patients to get involved in their health status taking advantage of our knowledge and the techniques available at our Institute.
Make an appointment to evaluate your case and start feeling better, living better, living longer!


M. Velat Ràfols, directora médica

by Velat Ràfols Medical Director