Initial analysis

First diagnosis visit and comprehensive analysis of the case in all its complexity. Second diagnostic or therapeutic opinions in case of doubt.

Treatment plan indication

Assessment of the possible therapeutic options in each case and establishment of the treatment plan in a consensual manner with the patients according to their needs.

Nutritional strategy

We use food as a fundamental therapeutic tool. We advise and educate our patients on how to care for and empower their organism through their eating habits.

Clinical follow-up

Periodic clinical follow-up of our patients through medical visits, short visits during treatments in Khuab, nurse advices and follow-up, email for certain queries or the emergency phone for procedures.

Own medical criteria

Khuab professionals have extensive classical specialized medical training, both conventional and non-conventional, which allows us to apply a clinical criterion and our own actions and proposals.

Inter-professional collaboration

Our work is allways respecting and collaborating with other healthcare professionals of the patient to act synergistically to obtain the maximum efficacy of all the treatments performed by the patient.

New proposals

Our leadership and knowledge in the treatment of advanced tumors and other complex diseases allows us to make innovative and differentiated therapeutic proposals that aim to ameliorate patients survival and duality of life.

“We explore all possibilities available to provide solutions to our patients’ problems”