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The medicine of the Institut Khuab is the Medicine that contemplates the human being in all its aspects, from the most transcendent with its place in the world to its physical and mental state as a unitary expression.


We rely on western and eastern traditions, we use 21st century technology and innovation, and we apply it as the doctors did in old times: listening to the patient, offering him/her space and time, being receptive instead of invasive.


We treat complex diseases, we plan improvements in patients with chronic diseases, we maintain the health status of those who want to prevent, we treat advanced tumors and we help prevent and reduce the toxicity of aggressive treatments. We generate changes.


We live with the patient their difficult health and illness situations, we understand the weaknesses, we accompany them in the critical moments. We seek for answers, we commit to find where no one has looked before, we correlate and integrate everything.

«A healthcare model where health-disease is a turning point for the individual growth of the person and his environment»