Clinical nutrition


  • Ketogenic nutrition
  • Anti-tumor nutrition
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition
  • Fasting
  • Detox nutrition
  • Diagnosis of body composition

At tInstitut Khuab we firmly believe that a healthy and conscious diet, adequate and adapted to the individual and his moment is essential to achieve and maintain optimal health. We want not only to educate and advise our patients about which diet is the most suitable for them at a given time, but to use food as an effective tool in the control of symptoms and diseases. We give great importance to the functional balance of the digestive system and the intestinal flora because it has an important role on the nutritional impact that we want to obtain in the different systems of the organism, especially the immune system. We work in a coordinated manner so that any nutritional resource implemented has a supervision and optional indication, guaranteeing safety and maximum clinical benefit.

We use existing technology as a diagnostic and follow-up tool for our patients: we make diagnosis of body composition through densitometry (DEXA) and functional diagnosis of the digestive system and food intolerances with bioresonance at the beginning of the program and throughout the nutritional intervention, to assess the impact of the measures implemented, and also serve to motivate patients and quantify the progress obtained. We offer a wide range of resources adaptable to the needs of each patient and his/her environment in the approach to changes in diet, from individual visits to group workshops or show-cookings.


We offer a wide range of therapeutic options that ensure the health of our patients, indicated by our specialists and combined with each other in a personalized way.

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