Classical or Unicist Homeopathy is a therapeutic method described and tested with perseverance and empiricism by Dr. Hahnemann in Germany over 200 years ago and with a high and growing number of doctors who are innovating their practice with excellent results in all the world. It uses ultra-diluted and energized substances to exert a deep and subtle effect on the individual, modifying its biological terrain and improving its capacity for biological response both physically and mentally and emotionally. It helps the individual to position themselves in a way of living and to understand their life more in accordance with their own nature, making them more resilient and capable of living a fuller and healthier life. The main advantages of this therapy are its absence of toxicity and that it does not interfere pharmacologically with other treatments performed by the patient, but the most relevant is its potential to cure (in its broadest sense) the patient.


We offer a wide range of therapeutic options that ensure the health of our patients, indicated by our specialists and combined with each other in a personalized way.

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