Immunomodulatory treatments


The immune system represents the defensive system of the organism against various exogenous and endogenous aggressors. To favor its physiological capacity to eliminate tumor cells, microorganisms or toxins , immunomodulation is one of the therapeutic axes with which we work in Institut Khuab. We use different natural resources from plants (Viscum album) or fungi to modulate the immune system and achieve symptomatic containment and improvement in chronic, inflammatory, infectious or tumoral diseases. Likewise, we act on the factors that we know may be diminishing the capacity of our immune system, such as deficits of vitamins, micronutrients or coenzymes, imbalances in the gut microbiota, alterations in intestinal permeability, etc. .. once treated, they cease to be a source of exhaustion for the immune system.


We offer a wide range of therapeutic options that ensure the health of our patients, indicated by our specialists and combined with each other in a personalized way.

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